Can pearls really be found inside oysters?

We’ve all heard that oysters have pearls. But have you ever seen an oyster with a pearl inside? If so then you are definitely lucky. To find a pearl in a wild oyster you need to open thousands of oysters, as pearls are a very rare discovery.

In an article published on Walla NEWS website Wednesday, January 02, 2008, a couple from Florida reported that a $ 25,000 pearl had been placed in the oyster pack they ordered, and they were quick to sell it. In short, from a restaurant meal they made about NIS 100,000.

But that is not necessarily the answer to whether pearls can really be found inside clams? To examine this, let’s understand the source of the pearl, Wikipedia explains that “a pearl (and a gem) is a gemstone that is sometimes formed from clams from the oyster department as well as sometimes in slug shells. See that the source of the pearl is inside an oyster.

The Eureka website explains that “The pearl is born when a grain of sand or a tiny marine parasite penetrates into an oyster in the sea. The oyster is a living creature disturbed by the tiny invader. Called Concholine, rounds it up and turns it into a smooth face that will no longer interfere with it. ” They also say that it is rare for a scallop to contain a pearl. And tell of one British who bought two oysters and in one he felt something hard and he also won a precious pearl.

Under the Google search of the title Can you find pearls in oysters you eat? Approximately 11,000,000 results occur. When the vast majority say that the chance of finding a pearl in nature is extremely slim. However, this can be done, although you should visit the area known for pearls. If you want to increase your chances a bit, consider taking a guided diving tour to find a gem.

The difficulty and effort required to find natural pearls has led to the development of a method for artificially growing them, and today most pearls on the market are cultured pearls. A cultured pearl is the result of integrating an artificial implant into an oyster with a natural process in which the mollusk expects the implant to be amber. If you still want a sparkling pearl, we suggest you go to a certified jewelry store and purchase the pearl for you or your spouse.

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