How to distinguish real gold from fake? 5 Easy Ways To Identify Is The Gold You Are Buying For Real

Gold jewelry is a valuable thing. When we decide to purchase and give the person closest to us the long-awaited piece of jewelry and just before we spend thousands of shekels, there are some simple checks that can be done to make sure it is genuine gold. The jewelery industry estimates that at least 10% of the jewelery produced is counterfeit, so it is of great importance to identify and distinguish real gold from what is expected.
Of course, we always recommend that you consult with the most experts to save unnecessary grief. But if you still want to make sure of it yourself, there are a number of convenient things you can try and test for yourself:

The real gold test will not attract a magnet. The Magnetic Test is the most convenient and portable test for real gold testing, as the magnet can be carried in your pocket wherever you go. Fake gold will go to the magnet immediately and completely. If you’re still not sure, keep reading.
Mark for gold – Look for an official number marked for gold. The check mark, or hallmark, reveals the percentage of gold that you choose. The trademark is usually printed on jewelry clasps or on the inner ring strips. Usually this is seen across coins and ingots. Magnifier can be used to help identify the hallmark. It can be hard to look in the eye, especially on smaller pieces of gold like rings. Not all jewelery has such a hallmark, older jewelery may not have visible signs. Sometimes the hallmark is eroded over time, while at other times the jewelry never got a stamp.
Non-Floating Gold – This test is among the relatively simple tests, a tub should be filled with water, when the water temperature need not be considered. Now grab the piece of jewelry you want to check and see if it sinks. Real gold is dense metal, so it falls directly to the bottom of the urn. Imitation gold is much easier and floating.
Heat the gold – if it is a forged metal the coating may change color or become sticky if it is not real metal. However, it can be resistant to adhesive, the metal will not change its color even though it is not real gold. Therefore, testing this by itself is not enough. Nitric acid can also be used as an additional test substance but it is difficult to obtain and it is not recommended to use as a private consumer and without proper accompaniment.
Lay the jewel on your skin – Changing the color of the skin or stimulating the skin with the wearing of fake gold jewelry is not a myth. For this test, simply hold the gold in your hand for a few minutes or place the gold chain on your neck. Sweat on the skin creates a chemical reaction with the gold. If the jewel is not real gold you can feel it by small tingles or even actual irritation that comes in the form of a rash.

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