What to Know Before Buying a Diamond Ring?

Here is the exciting moment to come and you have to choose a diamond ring before the wedding proposal or before the Jubilee celebrations. In order to choose the best quality ring for your dearest of all, we have put together some important things for you to keep in mind and understand what makes the diamond in the ring so unique.

Ask for Gemological Certificate and Receipt – The gemological documentation of the diamond when purchasing a piece of jewelry is more important. This is actually the stone ID, just as you require a professional to show you a certificate that he has indeed been trained to do, so it is important to apply for the gem jewelry’s gemological certificate. Since it is a matter of choosing a precious stone and a costly price, the need for this certificate is increasing. In the certificate you can find all the details about the diamond: its shape, cutting, media, cart weight, color and more.

The size of the ring – In most jewelry stores you can measure your finger, measuring for rings consisting of different sizes of rings. Note that you can remove the ring relatively easily and yet it will not come out easily and fall off your finger. Usually the seller in the store can guide you and choose the best size with you.

The quality of the metal – When we buy a gold piece it is customary to use the term carat – purity unit. The higher the carat all the gold is cleaner and purer. The carat measures the unit of purity of the metal. The highest and purest level of gold is 24 carats and the smallest 8, a measure that expresses pure gold. For silver jewelry there is a purity level which is not measured in carats but corresponds to the degree of purity of the metal. Most often, the purity level of “Sterling 925” silver (92.5% silver) is the highest level.

Type of metal – After you have tested these three things, now is the time to ask the diamond and ascertain the quality and nature of the metal from which the ring is made. As we said in the previous section the gold ranges from 8-24 carats. For example, goldfields found in many stores are actually cheap metal coated with a thick layer of gold.

In summary, you have preliminary information before an informed and correct purchase of gold jewelry. In order to be calm, after buying the original and high quality jewelry you should consult with other experts on the subject, it is also always advisable to buy in jewelry stores with knowledge and experience to ensure that the jewelry you bought is indeed original. It’s a lifetime investment so it’s important not to be tempted and buy where it is cheap, do you want quality? So the price accordingly. Therefore, places that promise you the cheapest price should look into why. Because diamonds are not the same and each diamond has a different characteristic, it is impossible to determine that one diamond is cheaper than the other. Checking the appropriate parameters and attention will ensure you a fun and safe purchase.

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